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the meaning behind the name: Terra Cotta Green Market Co

Terra cotta is a type of ceramic pottery that is often seen in the form of flower pots; literally translated, 'terra cotta' is Italian for 'baked earth.' The name, Terra Cotta Green Market Co, was inspired by different aspects of our lifestyle. From our plant based diet to our love of the earth to our faith, the name Terra Cotta Green Market Co took shape. 

Given that terra cotta is a flower pot, aka the base of a plant, a plant-based inspired café named Terra Cotta just made sense. We at Terra Cotta live a plant-based lifestyle meaning that we consume food derived from plants, rather than animal products. Plants grow in pots, pots are often made from terra cotta clay, and hence the birth of the name Terra Cotta Green Market Co. 

Additionally, at Terra Cotta Green Market Co, we live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle in which we try to be good stewards of the earth. Living a sustainable lifestyle means that we are conscious of how our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and we strive to find new ways to minimize our footprint on the planet. As mentioned earlier, terra cotta means 'baked earth,' as in it is 100% natural material sourced from the earth. It is an organic, naturally occurring material, meaning it is not man-made, but earth-made, and so it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

We, the owners of Terra Cotta Green Market Co, live a faith based lifestyle in which we keep our lives rooted in faith. God is the potter and we are the clay. In this case, terra cotta is the clay that is molded as a vessel for plants to grow and form their roots in the foundation of the pot. God is our foundation, and we keep our lives rooted in Him, so we can grow and bear fruitful lives. As we continue our journey with Terra Cotta Green Market Co, we will keep our business rooted in our faith, knowing this is our only way to grow and flourish in success.

The name Terra Cotta Green Market Co will serve as a constant reminder and inspiration to us, and hopefully others, to live an earth conscious, caring life. 

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